Who is Andrew Lindy?

Andrew was a fashion photographer, the world’s highest paid dating coach, a Zen Monk; friends called him “the real most interesting man in the world.” He has a specialty in using 25 years of meditation to help men and women break down their sense of interpersonal anxiety to have an unconsciously unified connection. Andrew is a certified teacher in non-dual meditation and embodiment psychotherapy in The Realization Process of Non-Duality. He was famous for a web series called The Travel Bum Show, devoted to learning the dating customs and social dynamics of different cultures around the world. It had millions of views and inspired many men across the globe.

Want to talk to Girls like Andrew?

How does he do it?  he seems to calm and collect and just ‘knows’ what to say.  He was not born that way, its something he developed and after years of being asked, he has finally started a coaching company to help guys just like you achieve the results you see in the videos for themselves.

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The Travelbum Show

Watch the famous Travelbum Show, one man, 80 countries and 1000 dates.
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