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This is a traveler’s guide to dating, and I’m your lab rat. My Name is Andrew Lindy. I’m a photographer and I’m traveling the globe to explore the world’s unique dating customs, secrets and various approaches to meeting women of every culture! I will take you through the thrill of the chase, a live action approach, and all the bliss, hell and rejection that comes with a cold call. We’ll go on dates and we’ll talk to the locals about romance at home.

I’m grabbing my motorcycle, a few clean shirts and I’m looking for love in all the……places. Who knows maybe I’ll even find the ONE!!


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Travelbum Episodes

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  • Travelbum Episode 1.5 - Death of a Ladies Man
  • Travelbum Episode 2 - New York Part 2
  • Travelbum Episode 3 - New York Part 3
  • Episode 4 - Columbia Part 1

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